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Killer Gin


765 Players
Official Game Web site: (Download for PC and Mac for smoothest experience). A new race of beings, Gin, have found themselves in the center of conspiracy, intrigue, and war. A small fishing village located in the middle neutral territory has yet to feel the affects of the war, this will soon change, and this is where your story begins!
Killer Gin Update 0.8.7 D Update!! (Homestead 0.1.1b) MV 1.5 Edition - Updated Game engine to 1.5 (improved memory performance)
 - Map Zoom and Opacity settings now available in options menu - No more problems with werewolves and vampires lol Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie
Killer Gin
Killer Gin
Killer Gin
Comments (28)
ronnye (1352 Gems)
great updates!
franco999 (2046 Gems)
Great game :D
betterdead (67 Gems)
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Killer Gin
Killer Gin