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Killer Gin

1404 Players
Published on: 2016/09/19


Rpg Maker MV

Official Game Web site: (Download for PC, Mac, Linux for a smooth trouble free experience). A new race of beings, Gin, have found themselves in the center of conspiracy, intrigue, and war. A small fishing village located in the middle neutral territory has yet to feel the affects of the war, this will soon change, and this is where your story begins!
Language: English  
News: 62
Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Particle 1B Edition) (1.4.19) Homestead 0.2.6
 - Big Homestead balance update (Playable now! lol) - Fixed time in relation to crops and livestock - Huge update to gold/skill/item/crop/livestock balance. - Various fixes and updates Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie
Killer Gin
Killer Gin
Killer Gin
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Multiverse (506 Gems) 2019-01-04

with the last updates now I want to play it! interesting project!

RockMith (1036 Gems) 2018-12-15

change the style of the message box, please XD

wearevenom (500 Gems) 2018-10-09

nice idea the jam! Good luck! You have to find good youtubers!

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Killer Gin
Killer Gin
Killer Gin
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