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Jumping Cat

17 Players - 1 Subscribers Subscribers
Published on: 2021/01/22



조작키 - Left: ←, Right : →, Jump : ↑
#sunmoon #sunmoon2021a
Language: 한국어  
Jumping Cat
Comments 8
Formatting Help 380
gamefive Verified (Level 15) 2021-01-29
레벨디자인의 정석 같은 느낌이었습니다. 레벨디자인의 밸런싱이 좋았습니다.
caw0327 (Level 6) 2021-01-25
Good game with an appropriate level.
asamekat (Level 4) 2021-01-25
맵이 넓어서 좋았어요
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