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Episode 3 is available now!
It took a while, but we finally have something to show you!
For those that haven't been following the dev logs here or on Patreon, Episode 3 is a game-changer. Literally. It's very different from the previous 2 Episodes.
For starters, you now have the option to play as a Mah'Abeu, your very own character, at the start of Episode 3.
You shape your Mah'Abeu and their personality through countless actions and reactions while changing the other characters' opinions of you.
You have a little more agency over how the story unfolds, thanks to the new navigation interface. (I shouldn't say this too loud, but this is also the foundation for our planned "Mass Effect" galaxy navigation system)
Behind the scenes, we have a brand new "story controller" that handles the flow of the story. This allows us to add more "Slice of Life" content in between the significant scenes while also being the foundation for our romance system.
We have several new characters and backgrounds in the game, and our music collection is steadily growing.
We still have a ton of story content to add to the current Episode, but we wanted to have something playable to celebrate Infinite Stars turning one year old today.
So without further ado, go ahead and grab the game!

So much has changed! We’ve been spending most of our time on Episode 2, but during down times we’d circle back to Episode 1 to fiddle and polish it a bit more. I think going back to improve existing work is something that we’ll continue to do.
Episode 2’s patron release is just around the corner, and the story continues after Mayvheen and Veera returned to the UIC Tabitha. (You’ll get to meet several new characters, and get your first peek inside the Concordat Cruiser)
We’ve added the long awaited Veera’s armor sprite, implemented the correct backgrounds, made some minor story changes, added new music tracks and also added a short, tongue in cheek scene after the credits. There’s more, but it’s too much to mention here.
We hope you enjoy the update to Episode 1, and we’re so excited to share the next episode with everyone!
#update #scifi

If you enjoy hard science fiction, you will likely enjoy Infinite Stars! #scifi

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