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Second Edition Beta - Hunter Update (Version D0.30 Update 3) - was released! Provides technical and gameplay improvements. Changelog:


Second Edition Beta Build 20190507 was released. Provides overall improvements to the game. Changelog:


Beta Version D0.30 Update 2 released. A lot of quality of life improvements and fixes. Changelog:


A new patch for the Second Edition beta was uploaded. Fixes some bugs and improves some of the game's aspects. Changelog:


Double patch! Both the original and Second Edition got an update. Details here:


Beta Version D0.30 Update 1 is now available for Windows and Linux. This update overhauls the engine along with various improvements. CAUTION! Saves from older versions aren't compatible. Changelog:


Beta Build 20181013 is now available. This is mainly a bug fix build. This build is also available for Linux. Changelog:


Immortal Sins SE Beta build 20180923 is uploaded! Features particle effects and a few quality of life improvements. The changelog is here:


I’ve uploaded a new beta build for Immortal Sins SE. This fixes a small error where the dialogue skip button was mapped to W instead of Q (RB instead of LB on Xbox 360/One controllers). Also, this updates the renderer to version 0.33.3 which fixes a regression with the Gamepad API.


Version D0.30 Beta is live. This public beta brings an overhauled engine, improved graphics and a lot of quality of life and general changes. Details here:


The game is updated to version 0.20.5-20180425. Bug fixes, slight graphical tweaks in some maps and new skills for Rick.


The game was updated to version This fixes a game breaking bug and a few optimizations.

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