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Released build 20210408 to fix a crash during the prologue when Hints are turned on.

Version D0.32 released today! Brings a lot of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, alongside a few re-writes. Change log:

Released build 20201222 today. Brings a batch of fixes and some quality of life improvements. Changelog:

Released build 20201122. This update fixes issues that were present in the Crystal Cave and updates the included copy of Microsoft Edge WebView2.

Released build 20201118 today. This update includes behind-the-scenes changes. Changelog:

Released version D0.31 Update 4 today! This brings a number of improvements and bug fixes. Changelog:

Version D0.31 Update 3 was released today! Brings overhauls in the engine and improvements. Changelog:

Released Version D0.31 Update 2. Provides new additions, some changes and bug fixes. Changelog:

Released build 20200710. This update brings bug and text fixes. Changelog:

Released build 20200704 to include a file that was removed during a cleanup job with a tool. This fixes an issue where the game would lock up when the engine tried to load the missing file.

Released Version D0.31 Update 1 (Build 20200630) for both Windows and Linux. THis update provides an improved prologue and a few improvements. Details: Details for build 20200630:

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