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In the past few days I’ve been working to implement some features which were requested by the users and some of the first ideas that I wanted to develop. As this update introduces quite a lot of new mechanics, I would really appreciate your help testing them out. So here we have it, the first update!

New version: 0.2.0


- Happiness now goes down by 1 when you have a population of 8 or smaller, and by 2 (like it was before) when the population is higher. This is intended to reduce the difficulty early on in the game, allowing new players to get familiar with it without losing instantly;
- Added the "Pause" button (still a work in progress);
- Minor graphics adjustments;
- New "Stockpile" building added;
- New Resources Capacity added: you now start with a maximum amount of units that can be stored for each kind of resource, and you can increase that amount by building a Stockpile (which increases Wood, Stone and Food capacity) or a Tavern (which increases Wine capacity).
- Houses now only cost 10 Wood and 5 Stone, but they only give +3 Population and +2 Available Workers;
- Added a new indicator next to the resources interface to show the player how many units he’s gaining/losing;
- You can now see (or hide) the instances array by pressing <F1>;
- Miner’s Hut now only costs 2 Available Workers instead of 3.
- You can now also use arrow keys (Left/Right) to change the building selection;
- Added a new Building Details menu, which can be accessed through the "Info" button which appears when in Building Mode: it gives detailed information about each building (still a work in progress, the UI needs a lot of work).

The new version has now been released. Download it if you want, and let me know what you think (and report the bugs that you find).

I’d like to thank anyone who has downloaded the game so far, the updates will keep coming as I introduce more and more features in the game. Stay tuned!

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