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DiesIrae (705 Gems) 2019-08-13

the design is not so original. I had a game like this on my GBC

TheBeast (1387 Gems) 2019-07-10

the pixel art is incredible in your games. the best part. I want to suggest also to add famous cars. Like the car from Jurassic Park, Ghostbuster, Mad Max, etc.

Best IndieGames (4515 Gems) 2019-07-06

This game is in the video about the 6 Best FREE Games of June 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmJUowAqcYw

Hitek55 Profile (92 Gems) 2019-06-27

cool game!

franco999 (1638 Gems) 2019-06-19

The pixel art is incredibly cool and professional!

TMD Studios Profile (249 Gems) 2019-06-11

Looks great :)

notapixelstudio Profile (110 Gems) 2019-06-11

Ciao, The game looks very polished. I am impressed. I did try with my macOS, but, unfortunately I cannot go past the first selection (I cannot select a stage, neither can move around the selection screen with the map). Is the demo working ?

Fellowplayer Profile (22330 Gems) 2019-06-09

I like the look of this one.

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