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Published on: 2022/05/04



Gather your minions, conquer the lands and become the Darklord! Grim Horde is a fast arcade game with rogue-lite elements, where you lead your armies through the lands of the mortals, raze villages and claim souls. Die and rise again from your ashes and learn new summoning spells.
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Major update! **Change Log 0.4.0a** - Added Boss Fight. *Say hello to Cornelius Jr.!* - Removed destroy target system. - Destroyed buildings can reveal a soul well that, if reached, allows the player to buy upgrades. - Added compass system to point to important targets (e.g. wells, boss). - General game balancing. - General improvements to UI. - Zoomed out the game...
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Grim Horde
Grim Horde
Grim Horde
Grim Horde
Grim Horde
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garryblu (Level 6) 2022-05-17
My gameplay ►
YouTube Gameplay
Rating 10/10 stars for this game. Good minigame and fun to play :D
JEntertaiment (Level 11) 2022-05-05
Great game! You must add mobile version or add indiepad support for mobile users.
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