Final Fantasy Worlds Final Fantasy Worlds squirrelmg
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Jonathan Fish (Level 16) 2016-08-17
page not found D:
Becom77 (Level 8) 2016-05-22
old, but nice !
Achille911 (Level 7) 2011-05-03
Not bad not bad. <br />Nice game, really funny, but the graphic must be revised totally in my opinion, specially the windowskin, it have different style and have a bad impact. <br /> <br />The maps must be revised too, too much linear. <br /> <br />The gameplay is fun but too much linear.
Alexander0777 (Level 8) 2011-05-02
I love retrogames <3 <br /> <br />Three simples words: it's so fantastic! It likes the old Pokemon games, but this is better! I love it, really. And I'm intentional to continue to play it. <br /> <br />The graphic maybe it's not ad the top, but it isn't a problem, and the gameplay is very good.
<br /> <br />In few words, I enjoyed it! :D <br /> <br />5/5 for you! (Who voted 3/5???)
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