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Added where items can be examined before use. If any item isn't working correctly, let me know

Gonna add an option to retire at tavern for some bonus points.

Added trophies back in. Even if it looks a little awkward, it's still more fun. Also added that every 10 days, enemies become more powerful/but also gives more xp and silver. Gonna keep working on gradual difficulty until it makes the most sense.

Added leveling up stats, took out multiple path choices for now until I've reworked them. Changed the world so there's more of a town/dungeon dynamic instead of open-world to make things less confusing.

Lowered hp and attack of every enemy by 2.

You now get a rank based on your score and fame.

Added POWER TOME, it converts hp to mp.

As more content is added, the difficulty will lower. Right now it is adapted to where you'll almost likely see it all before you die. If many more monsters are added, I will either lower their attack damage or raise the player's level.

Gave the DUNGEON area a face-lift. Should look a little nicer.

@UNDYING CIRCLET added. It could save you in a crisis.

Protect ring doesn't work properly. Need to fix it.


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