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0.11r - Added some scrolls and rings enemies might drop.

0.10r - Some enemies added

0.9r - Added some food pickups that enemies might drop.

0.8r - Traps fixed. The chest didn't disappear when a trap was triggered.

0.7r - Chests have 1/6 chance of triggering a trap when being bashed open. It's in the testing faze still and might not work correctly.

0.6r - Treasure chest loot wasn't working properly, but now it's fixed.

0.5r - 1/6 chance a treasure chest will appear when an enemy is defeated.

0.4r - 3 potential items to buy in the shop. They are randomized each day.

0.3r - New treasures, weapons reworked, bashing doors reworked.

0.2r - A way to get back to the village, halfway done with the shop, orb treasure worth 5000 silver and crown worth 10,000, but these are quite rare.

Revised update - many changes based on feedback. Still need to add a way to get back to town and to add the shop that will have randomized items the player can buy.

This is kind of big news, trying to revise this entire game so the code will be much more simplified (for me,) also more simple animations because otherwise it takes too long. SO... what's going to be added are many different kind of weapons and an easier to comprehend menu. That's it for now.

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