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0.23r - This version doesn't work properly yet, but I added higher chance of better treasure based on the LUCK stat and also the PURGATORY boss.

0.22r - Made chests a little nicer looking, removed crystal ball so now you press the face avatar to see your stats.

0.21r - Two different characters to play as. Lagos or Pasara.

0.20r - Interface and weapon enchantments giving + to combat to-hit rolls.

0.19r - Fairies (that heal), an ending screen if you leave the dungeon but not sure if I like it yet.

0.18r - The pre-cursor to a multiple choice event added, but so far there's only the electric room available.

0.17r - Traps. Watch out what's on the floor.

0.16r - fixed broken potions, the magic font, added food barrels and gold coins.

0.15r - Fixed wording on game over screen when retiring and some bugs.

0.14r - A couple of rooms. Town removed.

0.13r - Small fixes. Added all shields.

0.12r - Remove the dice roll animation because it was too repetitive. Added potion miscibility so drinking too many potions in the same day will make you explode.

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