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0.35r - Font is more interactive. Fixed text errors. Added the NEEDLE spell.

0.34r - fixed the ROOM OF EYES so it kind of works, still a little funky when it comes to menus.

0.33r - experimental side-scroller trap room.

0.32r - Trying new title screen.

0.31r - Added the ROOM OF EYES.

0.30r - ADAFUDUS conjures a random food item. Added FLIDER, VANG, SLUG AND MARAUDER enemies.

0.29r - You can stab the shopkeeper and steal everything.

0.28r - Higher starting stats. Added HASTE spell.

0.27r - Fixed error where the enemy you fought would get the same bonuses from weapons as the one you're holding (oops). Added randomized starting inventory.

0.26r - Better character creation screen.

0.25r - New food items and graphics

0.24r - Fixed to make it kind of playable again.

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