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0.46r - Menu layout improvements and fixed the NEEDLE spell doing 0 damage if player was level 1.

Working on a temple area and will be done with it soon. It's planned that the temple will have its own set of enemies, traps & events.

0.45r - Fixed the bug where the next room wouldn't load.

There might be a possible bug, at one point the next room didn't want to load, if anyone can replicate it and tell me what they did, please leave a comment.

0.45r - Player got stuck in casino room, now fixed.

0.43r - Improved slot machine.

0.42r - Slot machine added to one of the rooms.

0.41r - Player can no longer pick up items if exceeding carrying capacity of 9.

0.40r - Changed how random NPCs look/behave/ares spawned. Disabled keyboard keys. Fixed a bug that made enemies appear more often than they're supposed to.

0.38r - Added ELIXIR but how it's obtained is a secret.

0.37r - BOOKS OF LORE sometimes appear in the dungeon, giving hints about monster and secrets.

0.36r - Added the DISTANT CRYING event.

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