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0.58r - PASARA can level up now but she still can't equip weapons. This is the last step and they should both be independent from each other. Whomever killed the enemy gets all the XP.

0.57r - Play as both LAGOS and PASARA at the same time. I've yet to add a randomized character stat screen for PASARA and making her able to level up. Most things should work but still a lot of work to go.

Been thinking of adding multi-player, but it'd be where pass the mouse/phone/tablet back and fourth to each other.

0.56r - Added a daily limit to haggling in shops, randomized shop prices.

0.55r - All items except weapons are sellable.

0.54r - Precursor to a selling/haggling system in shops added. Not all items can be sold as of yet.

0.53r - SPIDROS moved to the temple area and replaced with SLIME.

0.52r - SPIDROS enemy graphic added.

0.51r - FLIDERS graphic. Working on a stabbing animation. Many enemies have different types of attacks.

0.50r - Added PARASITE status.

0.48r - Added CRIPPLED status and SPLINT KIT item to remove it.

0.47r - Temple area added. So far there's only 2 rooms and 2 enemy types. Take the stairs to get there.

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