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Gossiping with patrons/people quests:
Should have a randomized list of people you can talk to.
- Cancel
They will all have a quest associated to them.
The GRUMPY ELF for example will tell the player to find 2 LAIR MAPS then return to them.
If player has these 2 items, it'll lead to the dragon's hoard. Player can
pay a small fee of 5sp. to immediately embark.

Obvious idea: to be able to use items like healing potions on the spot instead of picking it up and having to put it in inventory.

TROLL enemy added. Might need some more work but it seems functional.

Currently working on adding a troll enemy. It will have a special ability and might be difficult to kill.

Created a colorful offensive spell animation

Frequent small updates because I keep finding bugs. Stores not working properly, spells costing 0 mp, 0 shield not removing the shield, 0 life not killing the player immediately.

In process of re-adding lengthy dungeons.

Surprised how much people like this game. There's not much to it yet, compared to what I want for it.

All current ideas:
- BERSERKER BRACELET - adds power attack option if in inventory.
- VAMPIRIC HILT - gives player 1 life per successful attack.
- IMMORTALITY CROWN - Resurrects player on death.
- POWER TOME - Drains all life but 1 and transfers to magic power.
- TRAVELER'S COMPASS - Raises chance of finding DUNCASTER by 50%.
- HOUSE CONTRACT - player has a house they can sleep in to make
the day pass/recover life and mana.
- SHIELD RING - +1 to defense.
- BURLY BREW - doubles attack till end of combat.
- BANDAGE - Stops bleeding.
- SHADOW VEIL - 50/50 chance enemy hitting player will count as a miss.
- SPELL SCROLL - Learn a random spell.
- BOLT RING - Deals random 0-3 damage to enemy and also the player.
- REPULSION TOME - Same as vanish. Skips battle.
- TAROT DECK - Will give the player a random bonus, or kill them.
- ONYX MIRROR - Summons a boss monster upon use.
- TREASURE MAP - if in inventory when searching the area the player will
find 100-200 silver. depletes map afterwards.
- DEMON EYE - Aborts combat, sends player to hell dungeon.
- ELVEN BREAD - x2 rations.
GRAPPLING HOOK - Escape some events/traps.
WATER BOTTLE - Lose no food in desert.
DARTS - 1-4 damage.
WING BOOTS - +4 to evade.
- Deliver 3 ELIXIRS to the CHURCH in DUNCASTER.
- Assassinate the queen / Find the queen's ASSASSIN.
- Save the princess from the ORC KING in the SEWERS.
- Steal RARE GEM from the sleeping DRAGON.
- Dig up the hidden treasure on the LOST ISLAND.
- Save the village from SPOCIL invasion.
- Kill the slugs in the basement of MADONKA'S EATERY.
- Kill the cave TROLL with fire.
- Raid the LIZORD village.
- Conquer the LICH'S tower's traps and collect 2 urns.
- Open the mysterious door with a SKELETON KEY. Enter or don't.
- Defeat the NECROMANCER.
- Pickpocket the nobleman.
- Horse and carriage can take you home for 5sp.
- Add king who grants favors for +5 fame and arrests -5 fame. Guards attack player can't evade. Also king gives quests?
- Crazy witch imbue weapon or shield might fail. Player can complain but
then the witch will curse the player and attack them.
- Children wants to be a hero too if player has +10 fame. MONSTERS:
- War Lizard NOTES:
- Something to make boss monsters more obvious? a message? a window?
- MONSTER TROPHY, item player can sell for 40sp? will sometimes be dropped by a monster. 1 in 12 chance?
- Use item shop event as base for quest board. Undertake quest can have you talk to people or look at the board. Maybe the bartender has some too.
"Do you accept my quest?
Yes (quest item is handed to you)
If player chooses cancel, it counts as saying no.
- Familiar summon with spell and another window with hp.
- Add more treasures. Candlestick, philosopher's stone, gems, think of more.
- Sword n shield change appearance depending on value. bronze silver gold for simplicity? but lazy.. you can do better later.
- desert hold the pyramid dungeon with mummies etc, more scorpions
and scarabs, pestilence monster. player needs to buy map at tavern from
the barkeep when drinking.
Use switches on pictures to determine where the player is to trigger it.
- make crypt have openings with bones and bones on ground.
- make every unique location have a special name (Densa Wastelands, temple of old gods
Agony gauntlet - dungeon with only boss monsters.
- Grim reaper might resurrect player 1 in 12 chance. SPELLS:
RECOVER - full healing at the cost of full mana
WINDFALL - summons x2 money than midas, costs x2 as much.
BANISH - 50/50 Chance of instantly killing undead.
DEATH - Equal chance of killing the enemy, summon the grim reaper
or instantly killing the player?
ARMORUM - Grants player 1 armor. Costs 12 mana?
HASTE - Next roll will be x2.
METEOR - More powerful than lightning, 1/6 chance player will also take the same damage.
POISON - Enemy takes 1 damage per round per poison spell applied.
GOOSEBERRIES - Summons item, worth 1-2 food.
FAMILIARUS - Summons companion. Will sometimes take damage instead of you.
- REGULAR: Swamp, canyon, plains, mountain, ruins. SPECIAL: - ship with huge sea monsters, mermaids etc.
- gladiator arena, bet or join.
- city, choose store, unique stores and people.
- Cave, spiders and spider people, spider boss?
- Lair, dragon minions and and dragon
- Lake, go fishing, fight bees
- Tower, snake boss.

Next up will be boss quests. Still looking forward to a dragon boss.

Latest builds have been pretty buggy, with the vanish spell and deathblow options. It should all be fixed now, took way longer than I thought it would.

The game still needs a lot more events to reduce repetitiveness. Enemies that are in the game are a little too strong, so need to draw more weaker ones. There's also some strange graphical transitions here and there.

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