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0.71 - Some improved graphics. Bashing a door has 1 in 20 change of crippling you

0.70r - Removed the map. PURIFY spell can be cast on either party member.

Need fix: Pasara starves too fast.

Worked a lot on this map screen but I don't think it adds anything to the game, I thought it would. Only way a screen like that would be fun if the tiles had distinguishable pictures when flipped over. When I have time I'll probably remove it.

0.69r - Choice to play as LAGOS, PASARA or both.

0.68r - Still working on the full dungeon map. Might take a week or more until I'm done.

0.67r - Started making a map. Still early in the works.

0.66r - Added save function while camping. Fixed a bunch of bugs.

0.63r - Fixed where enemies would stop appearing if LAGOS was dead but PASARA alive. Fixed heart pickups to heal the selected character. Fixed where death message would play if LAGOS was dead but PASARA alive. Removed redundant SFX when equipping swords/shields.

0.62r - Just added LAGOS to the title screen.

0.61r - Added new sword-slash animation and shield defense animation. Finished the character creation screen. Finished fixing all the grammar when enemies attack.

0.60r - Fixed FLIDERS enemy. Working on an explorable map screen which will have randomized rooms every gameplay.

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