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I want to try a clickable dungeon version and see how you people like it, if you don't I'll go back to the old and work from there.


Looting treasure isn't working correctly as of now.


Anyone know of any pixel artists taking commissions right now? Need backgrounds for the game.


Magic and items are their own categories in combat to make things easier. Making the game use 1 color only made it very ugly so it wasn't even an option. Just got to have to take my time... Still hope in the future that there will be so many events that each adventure will be unique and not so repetitive.


I take donations on All donations will go to mostly music and some backgrounds.


Score is working again. Still working on adding story-events back in and making new ones.


This is glimpse of the next update that will be put on here. Many things are temporarily taken out, I won't upload on indiexpo until they are back in the game.


Working on a spin-off of this game called "Shadowmain," if you'd like to try the demo area, the link is right here. This is where I test mechanics, etc. Endless Combat Dungeon isn't abandoned.


Re-working how inventory items are used so that the player can hold an infinite supply instead of just 4. It's going to take a while before it's done. Also, treasures are going to become sellable items that can be pawned off and will only count towards your score if still in your inventory.


This game is in slow, slow process of becoming an open world game. Is it a good idea though? Will that make it better?


Raised level up requirement to 99 points, but it recovers all life and magic power.


Stream-lined everything. Hunger is out, sanity is out. They didn't elevate the gameplay in any way. Neither did all the skills so they're also out. Reduced prices and treasure to a 1/3 because there was no need for such high numbers.

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