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This game is in slow, slow process of becoming an open world game. Is it a good idea though? Will that make it better?


Raised level up requirement to 99 points, but it recovers all life and magic power.


Stream-lined everything. Hunger is out, sanity is out. They didn't elevate the gameplay in any way. Neither did all the skills so they're also out. Reduced prices and treasure to a 1/3 because there was no need for such high numbers.


This build is all about choices. Some things need to be re-drawn, like the PRISONER. Gonna work on adding a quest log and a camp option so the player can use their items outside of battle.


Need to merge some windows together to reduce lag on phones and tablets. It won't be as beautiful but a necessary evil.


Point screen at the end is now fully working.


Changed all the sound effects to something more 8-bit-like.


Testing a new score-board. It doesn't display things properly yet.


Had a problem with wearing too much armor making the player near invulnerable, now there's a 50/50 chance that 1-6 damage will still go through the armor, unless blocked. Added a new location, a throne room


To access the dragon quest, give the poisoned knight a healing potion.


Working on making resolution size smaller, so the game will work on more devices that aren't very powerful


Need to clear the high-score board because so many changes were made. Removed the hospital and instead added back several inn rooms are at MADONKA'S EATERY. Increased starting level back to 20.

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