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gamefive Profile (Level 12) 2020-05-06
It looks like a different new game than before.
Gatsu87 (Level 14) 2020-05-03
My tips about the latest updates: add more of two heroes and create different classes like in fate stay night (paladin, archer, lancer, assassin, berserk, etc). And to check the stats you can click on the faceset and not on the orb. It's more intuitive
kalindor (Level 11) 2020-05-03
Over 1,000 players! Congratulations!
Blackthorn Profile (Level 12) 2020-05-03
Well then... Played the 0.21r build and got 3 wondrous treasures in the very first room due to randomness, giving me 30,000 points. That should be a very rare occurrence.
franco999 (Level 11) 2020-05-02
Today a standing ovation for this game and it's upgrades. Again in homepage! Congratulations @Blackthorn
Freank Profile (Level 14) 2020-05-02
Me too. I prefer the back user interface with the white font. So, congratulations! The updates are impressive!
Deneris (Level 15) 2020-05-02
thanks to @lucyinthespace I played it. She has right. Very cool, incredible huge and with a lot of features! But totally different from the screenshots posted. The dark style was cool.
lucyinthespace (Level 13) 2020-05-02
I played one of the first version of this game. The progress are incredible. A lot of new features, the animations, the items to use and to take. You can open the doors using keys or in other ways. The coins, the fire. Wow! Update the screenshots! Even if I prefer the black user interface. It's becaming one of my favourite game here. Changed my vote from 3 to 5!
Agent44 (Level 13) 2020-05-02
What is the name of this kind of game/view? Frontal rpg?
kalindor (Level 11) 2020-04-26
Near to over 1000 players! Wow
NicolasRevillon Profile (Level 7) 2020-04-22
Such a good game ! I love it
Deneris (Level 15) 2020-03-31
Are you still continuing it or now you are only on the second version?
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