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Version 1.8.0 released - Fixed bug with DirectInput gamepads - Fixed bug with Windows taskbar not showing game window - Improved ladder's climb routine - Added WASD to control player - Added Splash screen


Version 1.7 released. This level is a tribute to Mario Bros.

Changelog: ver 1.7.0 - Added level 6 - Added new Intro at level 5 - Name entered in the High Scores is cached (Redux Mode only) - On level 6, destroyed bombs increase score


Version 1.6 released!

Changelog: ver 1.6.0 - Fixed bug with Mario jump routine - Fixed bug with extra life at 7000 points - Added level 7 - Added support for DirectInput gamepads

ver 1.5.0 - Normalized sounds effects - Starting level can now be selected in Redux mode


Version 1.5.0 Released. It is now possible to chooose starting level in Redux Mode


Donkey Kong meets Pacman! Another new level is just finished. Try eat all the dots and avoid being caught by Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and their path finding eyes :-) @Nintendo @Mario


New Level 5 is ready!


#DonkeyKong #Remake


Play and score the top record on the online ladder!

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