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Been putting this game on hold because I'm not too happy with the layout. Might change it up

0.20.1 - Fixed the WITCH'S BREW potion. Should give the player X2 damage for one turn in combat.

0.20.0 - Simple intro, small fixes. Next I will add an armor slot where equippable defensive items will go, similar to weapons. Also the very bottom of the screen will probably hold the currently active quest.

Vote what next to add to DICE WARRIOR, and I promise it will be the next thing.

0.19.0 - F.FLASK item added, it's basically a molotov cocktail you can find or buy

0.18.0 - Added "TRAVERSE THE SWAMP" event, the player might get lost. Eventually I might add a chance to get attacked by a monster if player rolls a 1.

0.17.0 - Added descriptions of what you see during the day

0.16.0 - Added DRAGOR enemy. They're likely very difficult to defeat without any weapons

0.15.0 - Changing combat dice no longer uses coins, instead every start of a turn makes gold go down -1.

Need to fix a problem where the cursor keeps disappearing. Probably happens because it's animated because it never happened in my other games

0.14.0 - Made shop items actually affordable and added the BUTCHERY so you can buy some food

0.13.0 - Full keyboard/gamepad compatibility, except when disabling a locked chest... for now

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