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The complete game is going to be released on Steam in june:

I just uploaded a new game file with minor bug fixes and most importantly: controller support. Meaning you can activate a controller-mode where no numberkeys are used anymore.
Also I can offically announce the date of the Crowdfunding: It starts on July 1st! So be ready!

Just added some minor bugfixes.
Check out our recent devstream:

YouTube Gameplay

here's yesterday stream recording:
YouTube Gameplay #deep8 #devstream

It's time for another DEEP 8 Devstream!
We'll be online in about half an hour! Come and join us!
#mapping #rpgmaker

Pls check out our Discord and discuss with us or share suggestions for the game:

Here's yesterdays stream:
YouTube Gameplay
Next one is gonna be in higher resolution.

Yesterday was our first game dev stream! We'll now be streaming every tuesday at 7 p.m.!
#devstream #deep8

I'm planning on updating the current version with some fixes and slight improvements. If you've played it and want to add anything, let me know!

check our our discord and get in touch with us:

please follow the new twitter:
and instagram:
content coming soon.:)

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