Video DB -US -Oozaru Fight Video

DB -US -Oozaru Fight

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Published on: 2012/05/07



This is a minigame from my Game : Dragonball Ultimate Showdown.
Characters : Frost(SSJ), Goku(SSJ3), Vegeta(SSSJ), Trunks(SSJ), Piccolo
A = Charge
D= Ki Blast
Z= Attack
X= Protect
S+ Left/Right/Down = Super Moves
S+ Up = Transform
Q+ direction = Teleport
1/2/3/4/5 = Change Warrior
Language: Italiano  
DB -US -Oozaru Fight
DB -US -Oozaru Fight
DB -US -Oozaru Fight
DB -US -Oozaru Fight
DB -US -Oozaru Fight
DB -US -Oozaru Fight
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