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flykidsblue1 (Level 10) 2020-08-05
Pretty fun! I really like the cutscenes as well!
Myrkvidr (Level 13) 2020-06-12
very good job. I love the way it feels
Nabucodonosor (Level 9) 2020-03-27
Sadly too short
JEntertaiment (Level 8) 2020-01-28
Muito interessante.
Best IndieGames (Level 15) 2020-01-14
This game is in the video about the Top 3 BEST NEW Indie Games of December 2019

YouTube Gameplay
Luis (Level 17) 2020-01-13
the artworks are amazing. But the game is too short. Tech demo
Soulrender (Level 12) 2020-01-04
I acutally kinda liked the demo.
Nabucodonosor (Level 9) 2019-12-29
The tutorial is long, but the game is so good. Will you continue it?
galaga (Level 10) 2019-12-28
Too short. I can't explore the first town
Freank Verified (Level 14) 2019-12-27
played! so, this is my feedback:
- custom assets incredibly cool
- battle system very good
- a lot of animations
- i like the dialogue messages
- the pg is very slow
- a lot of "Now Loading"
- too short to give a good feedback :)
Stre93 (Level 10) 2019-12-22
is he the night king from game of thrones?
Aech (Level 5) 2019-12-22
it is very very good. easy to play, clear, nice design, nice assets! I love it! 5/5
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