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I put the bilingual pack of Damiux Ferrer Dream 5-6 years after the original release.
The reason why this pack was launched is because the original Spanish version is unplayable, because almost always of the message of "Out of Memory" (Specially in Windows 10).
This is because the game exceeds the maximum memory of the engine, causing this message to appear.
It also caused the same software to stop working, and had to be reinstalled again to get it working again.
I had to restore the Spanish version of the game based on the source code of the English version, compressing as best as possible the unnecessary empty spaces of the sprites that consumed the most memory. That was more than enough to get the game working again (at least the "Out of Memory" message won't be as frequent).
In addition, unlike the original Spanish version, in the Bilingual Pack, It has been translated down to the smallest detail by 99% so that it would have a better distinction from the English version.
I made this edit out of necessity to get the game working again. But possibly it would be much better to create a remake that improves on all other sections in a more powerful engine.

Added the English Gameplay.

ESP: Corrección en la disponibidad de sistema operativo, me había confundido con el icono actual de Windows, que resulta que aquí está clasificado como Windows Phone.
ENG: Correction in the availability of operating systems, I had confused with the current Windows icon, it turns out that here is classified as Windows Phone.

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