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Published on: 2021/09/11


Rpg Maker XP

#rpg #cute #jrpg #fantasy #anime #moe #RolePlaying
Currently, there is a error that gives a'Simple Audio Encryption' error when starting the game.
If it's not an inconvenience, would you please try it with the following settings?
(please read "SHOW MORE" text)
Genre: RPG
PlayTime: 6-9 hour (One Main Character about 2-3 hour)
Language: English  
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gravityseawebsi New (Level 3) 2021-09-14
There was a bug that the game could not be started,
Now a workaround has been found.
If Audio Error occured
you go to Control Panel
-> Clock/Language/Region
-> Change Location
-> there will be something saying
"Language for programs that aren't compatible with Unicode"
and change that to Japanese.
It will ask you to restart your computer.
Tails_Strife Verified (Level 14) 2021-09-12
there is a problem, the audio folder is empty and when you open the launcher an error appear
lucyinthespace (Level 15) 2021-09-11
This looks funny!
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