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New update for CSE! Major changes to the game to optimize resource usage and improve performance for lower end rigs.
Daydream, Normal and Hard now have mid-stage checkpoints!
Tons of bug fixes.

Apparently there was an issue with the last update (the installer wasn't working on other PC's, but was working on mine. It was an issue with the Japanese characters I used in some of the naming schemes.)
Updated to a working installer now. Apologies for any inconveniences!

Just performed a major update to CSE, the game length hasn't been increased, but there have been some major improvements to the game's performance. Especially under the most visually intensive scenarios.
If your PC is on the lower end of graphical fidelity, you'll notice a definite improvement with the new build. It handles co-op play much smoother and there have been various bug fixes and tweaks. You'll also notice a more professional looking installer! (It automatically installs to your C: Drive as the installer was only possible due to using an external plugin for PGMMV).
This page has been almost inactive, I hope to see more traffic/players.
Don't miss out on a one of a kind game, you won't regret your time with CSE.

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