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Chance It!

17 Players - 4 Subscribers Subscribers
Published on: 2022/06/29



An exhausted office employee only wanted to collapse into bed, but is ambushed by weirdness on her walk home! Join Del in this fully voiced VN as she endures the antics of her tsundere boss, a gun-wielding "kid", and a dice rolling weirdo! #voiceacting #visualnovel
Language: English  
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Chance It!
Chance It!
Chance It!
Chance It!
Chance It!
Chance It!
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DiegoGramicciol Verified (Level 18) 2022-07-11
Gioco divertente e con dei begli artwork, secondo me sono solo da rivedere gli sfondi.
Marco Sacchetti (Level 14) 2022-07-06
La trama e i dialoghi sono ben scritti, anche per uno come me che l'inglese non lo conosce alla perfezione. I disegni molto amatoriali, ma fondamentalmente buoni. Gli sfondi sono totalmente da rifare.
Stre93 (Level 14) 2022-07-04
I don't like so much when you use "real background" for a game with an anime style. Your artworks are great. To use photos as background is a bad idea.
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