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1 tick jum

8 Players - 0 Subscribers Subscribers
Published on: 2021/01/22

Browser Game


Just jump and go to flag
Jump - Space
Left,Right - Allow Key
Break your wrist
Break your wrist
Break your wrist
#sunmoon #sunmoon2021a
Language: 한국어  
 1 tick jum
 1 tick jum
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gamefive Verified (Level 16) 2021-01-29
게임하다 키보드가 망가질까봐 무섭습니다^^:;
elvpfhhrm (Level 7) 2021-01-25
게임 방식은 재미있습니다. 다만 점프 시 올라가는 높이가 너무 적어서 키보드가 망가질 것 같습니다.
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