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The Final release for Swift Kaleido will be coming this September! Stay Tuned!


[Beta Build] SWIFT KALEIDO - Version 16.106 - Updated: 23:00 8/5 – 18

Audio: Track for Grass Basics added!

Track for Frozen Wasteland added!

Walljump SFX added.

Goal SFX added.

All volume levels tweaked.

Graphics tweaked:

Main menu added! Kaleido also has an alternative face on the main menu for when you hover over ”exit”!

The entire pet store has now received a graphical overhaul! That means that every single placeholder have been replaced and those graphics have been created for all 6 zones.

New goal sprite.

Goal now has an animation in order to draw the player’s eye.

Created new headers for Store Index menus and Achievement menus.

Reworked all Level Select buttons.

Tweaked Grass Basics, Frozen Wasteland and Midnight Stroll zone buttons.

Reworked Frozen Wasteland tiles.

UI overhaul.

Created Grass Basics Store Display.

Tweaked Neglected Underworld Store Display.

Tweaked Fungi Grotto Display Sprite.

Tweaked Midnight Stroll Display Sprite.

Added locked sprite over the final 3 levels.

Created main menu button.

Added level time boxes for Midnight Stroll.

Tweaked the arrow sprites for each zone.


Main menu added.

All pet stores can now be navigated using the controller and keyboard- meaning that there is no longer anything in the game which require mouse usage.

WASD support added; will not be advertised in-game as it’s a sub-par control method.

When exiting menus grid buttons related to the menu you just exited are now highlighted.

Added camera shake on death.

Desktop version now defaults to fullscreen.

Game now closeable.

Revamped the entire camera system.

Optimized bullet code.

Fixed ammo code not triggering in the correct order.

You can now reset the game by pressing 0.


Testbuild now redirect to Main Menu.

The prices in pet store now says “free” instead of a price.

The player now has an ammo counter over their head.

Time text for Midnight Stroll now hidden until all 15 levels are completed.

Reworked credits menu to make it semi-presentable.

Changed buttons on zone select. You can now enter store index from zone select.

Options menu now redirects to the main menu.

Goal collision box increased with 2 pixels in height and 2 pixels in width.

Removed the placeholder sprite on level 23 which had been placed there in order to measure the camera values.

Imp overhead ammo text and ui text set to “I” and “infinite” respectively.

Optimized level select.

Tweaked store layout.

Store item name line height 1->0.

Fixed sizes of equips in the different stores not being the same size.

Aligned items in the stores.

Tweaked spacing in achievements menu.

Tweaked spacing in store index menus.

Optimized all stores.

“Human male face/body” text in stores -> “Male face/body”

“Human female face/body” text in stores -> “Female face/body”

Fixed layering in the stores.

Laser name changed from “Friendly Laser” to “Laser Friend”.


Fixed bug where project needed up to 20 seconds before it would accept any input.

Fixed bug where changing the zone inside the stores didn’t change which zone you exited out to if you went directly to the level select.

Fixed ammo objects sometimes not registering properly.¨

Fixed bug where fadein would trigger even if you tried selecting levels that didn’t currently exist.

Ammo UI no longer appears before level 30 unless the Imp pet is equipped.

Fixed bug where fadein wouldn’t change colour.

Fixed bug where fadein sprite would layer incorrectly.

Fixed bug where ‘first bumper’ would unlock even if the player collided with an active bumper.

Fixed bug where achievement popups wouldn’t show in the achievement indexes.

Fixed bug where the player could shoot forever.

Fixed bug where Imp Pet ammo wasn’t actually infinite.

Fixed bullet anim triggering if ammo was 0.

Fixed bug where frog doublejump wouldn’t reset on bumper collision.

Fixed frog not always resetting on walljump.

Fixed under the hood grid bug.

Fixed bug where the variable for which body you’d be buying wouldn’t reset.

Fixed bug where fashion in body store wouldn’t hide at all.

Fixed bug where body in any stores wouldn’t hide if you had an accessory item equipped in slot 2.

Fixed bug where the correct anim wouldn’t set on cosmetics if you entered a store that didn’t correspond to that cosmetic.

Fixed bug where the cacti pants would disappear when the run animation played.

Debugged ammo on level 31.

Tweaked levels:

7, 14, 20, 25, 26, 27, 33, 40, 43, 45, 54, 60, 61, 63, 66, 67, 71, 73, 76, 77, 82, 84, 85, 87

Tweaked decor:

5, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 29, 33, 39, 40, 43, 44, 45, 57, 71, 83, 87

Tweaked tiling:

60, 84, 87

Tweaked coin position:

27, 40

Tweaked goal position:

1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9. 20, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87

Tweaked starting position:

13 Optimized level: 17, 85, 86, 87


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 15.105 - Updated: 22:20 26/4 - 18


SFXs now plays in the store when cicking on all buttons.

SFX on 'Purchase Deny' added.

SFX on 'Purchase' added.

Increased volume on 'Footsteps'.


Fixed broken tween on bullet pickup at level 31.

Fixed bug where SFXs would play on portal collission even if the colour didn't match.

Fixed 'Click' SFX not triggering on menus.

Fixed 'Jump' SFX not triggering.


Penguin deacceleration tweaked:

Norm: 40-> 20

Sprinting: 30-> 20


Implemented Midnight Stroll Display sprite.


Removed placeholder 'Display Sprite' in the Grass Basics Index.

Changed all of the price text in the store to say 'Free'.

Fixed spacing on the Slot 1 item's textboxes.

Changed text in the Store Index to clarify that the stores are under construction and requires moue usage.

Changed 'Store Text' to say 'Fashion Store', 'Body Store' and 'Pet Store' respectively.

'Equip' changed to 'Put On'

'Unequip' changed to 'Take Off'


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 15.104 - Updated: 01:03 25/4 - 18

Thanks to some amazing work by Big Swift Kaleido is finally getting it's first proper audio update!

The menus now has BGM- aswell as Faulty Plumbing and Neglected Underworld!

The tracks for Faulty Plumbing and Neglected Underworld will be playing in the other zones which do not yet have tracks of themselves!

Level 87 added!

'First Portal' achievement added!

'Zzzap' achievement added!

SFXs Added:


'Hovering over' SFX added!

'Click' SFX added!


'Jump' SFXs! We need to sort through which ones of all of these SFXs we want to keep and which ones to remove.

'Colour Change' SFXs added!

'Portal' SFXs added!

'Coin Collect' SFX added!

'Achievement Popup' SFX added!

'Bumper Jump' SFX added!

'Bumper Toggle' SFX added!

'Death' SFX added!

'Shoot' SFX added!

'Ammo Pickup' SFX added!(edited)


Fixed bug where shooting a deactivated bumper counted towards 'Deactivating Bumper' achievement.

Fixed bug where rainbow bullets wouldn't count towards 'Deactivating Bumper' achievement.

Fixed bug where pet stats wouldn't reset.

Fixed bug where lasers wouldn't destroy on start of layout even if the Laser pet was equipped.

Fixed bug where Ammo Imp didn't give you any ammo.

Fixed bug where 'No Death' achievement for 'Faulty Plumbing' and 'Neglected Underworld' would refuse to unlock.

Fixed bug where the Achievement Popup wouldn't displa yon some levels.

Debugged 'Footsteps' SFXs.

Fixed bug where 'First Angry Bumper' Achievement would activate even if the bumper was shot with an incorrect bullet.

Debugged '50 Angry Bumpers' never unlocking.

Fixed bullets going the incorrect direction if gravity was flipped.

Fixed 20 ammo pickup on 31 doubling to 40- but this has in turn broken tween.

Fixed bug where equips wouldn't mirror on layout start under certain conditions.

Fixed bug where you could navigate outside of Neglected Underworld's Store Index's grid system if you entered the index through the zone instead of through another index.


You can now navigate the menus using the Analog Stick using X and Y limitations!

Optimized code.

Fixed misplaced code.

Bullets are now destroyed even when colliding with coloured blocks.

Fixed conflicting 'Fastest Time' code.

Fixed broken spin code!

Optimized 'Footsteps' SFXs.

Fixed bug where 'Speedrunning' achievement for Neglected Underworld wouldn't refuse to unlock.

PC no longer forcefully mirrors on walljump.(edited)


'Red Scarf' cosmetic has been replaced with a 'Coloured Speech Bubble' which makes it easier to see which colour is currently active if the player is using body equips!

Tweaked 'Midnight Stroll' Misc. Buttons to match the 'Achievement' and 'Store Index' headers.

Fade-In added on level select.

Buttons for the Store Index created!

Store Index will have a Display Sprite showing off some of the things avaliable in that specific zone's stores!

Store Index Display Sprite added for Faulty Plumbing!

Store Index Display Sprite added for Fungi Grotto!

Store Index Display Sprite added for Faulty Plumbing!

Sine Growth added for all highlighted buttons!

Tweaked Bumper Active sprites.

Tweaked '200 Bumoers' achievement icon!

Store Index is now controlled using the grid instead of the mouse!

Store holders are now black instead of grey.

Added 'Locked' sprite over all Trail Store buttons in the Store Indexes.


Bob the pet has been entierly removed- Astronaut has been moved to Neglected Underworld store.

Midnight Stroll Pet Store made unavaliable.

Shrank the infotext in the petstore.

Revamped the Store layouts.

Added arrows in the Stores so that you can navigate within categories of stores instead of exiting to the Store Index- swapping zone- and then re-entering the store.

Tweaked the Achievement Popup duration.

'Accessories' has been renamed to 'Fashion'.

Tweaked levels:

8, 15, 17, 67, 79, 80, 83

Tweaked decor:


Tweaked starting pos:


Tweaked tiling:

43, 81


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 14.102 - Updated: 10:40 10/4 - 18



Fixed bug where the heart made you invincible.

Fixed stores displaying the incorrect items if you changed zone through the Zone Select instead of the Store Index.

Fixed stores displaying the incorrect items if you changed zone through the Achievements Menu instead of the Store Index.


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 14.102 - Updated: 09:30 10/4 - 18

Filler update- fixes based on playtest session.


Fixed bug in the pet store where all pet text would display as 'equipped' even if they were not.

Fixed bug where death code on pit death would repeat instead of triggering just once.

Fixed bug where the frog pet wouldn't double jump if a controller was used.

Fixed bug where the frog pet's jump variable would only reset when jumped off of a wall- instead of on collission with it.

Fixed bug where you could infinitely doublejump.


Updated 'Deathless' achievement icons.

Fixed 'Deathless Midnight Stroll' displaying the 'Deathless Neglected Underworld' icon.


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 14.101 - Updated: 16:20 9/4 - 18

Added Fadeout when the player dies; or when the goal has been reached; to improve flow of the game!

Graphics tweaked:

Implemented a sprite for 'Deathless' run achievement.

Tweaked all 'Speedrunner' achievement icons.


Shortened the duration which the player is put on 'hold' during the ammo pickup at level 30.

FIxed spacing in Store Index Grass Basics menu.


Fixed bug where you could die even after hitting the Goal icon.

Debugged Fadein.

Extended Achievement frame debug from 0,5 to 0,8 seconds to work with the new fadein system.


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 14.100 - Updated: 16:30 8/4 - 18

Kaleido's 100th update!

Introducing pets!

Separated into two slots; the pets allow for 42 different ways to control Kaleido!

[Slot 1]

Snail: Slows Kaleido down!

Frog: Allows for doublejumps!

Ammo Imp: Unlimited ammo!

Turtle: Speeds Kaleido up!

Bob: Allows you to spawn platforms below Kaleido.

Astronaut 17: Allows you to flip Kaleido's gravity!

[Slot 2]

Angel: Slows Kaleido's decent!

Heart: Gives Kaleido an extra life!

Ammo Pixie: Your bullets will be rainbow coloured, toggling the bumpers no matter if your colour matches them or not!

Penguin: Makes you slide all around; lowering your deacceleration!

Laser Friend: Disables all enemy lasers!

Missing: Suggest your own pet to have added to the game!


Added 'deathless run' achievement; this achievement does not currently have a proper icon; but the frame is implemented to show if you've unlocked it or not.


Programmed the pet store.

Added pathfinding for Pets in Slot 2.

Level 6 is now selectable from menu.

Fixed conflicting player controls code.

Optimized code.

Revamped old double-jump code.

Programmed all pets.


Added zone transition animation! This randomizes between 4 animations on layout start.

Cosmetics now visible on the fade-in.

Made graphics for all pets.

Animated all pets.


Fixed cosmetics layering incorrectly.

Debugged jump spin anim.

Fixed jump particle not spawning properly.


Fixed some cosmetics having the incorrect canvas size.

Pet pathdinging acceleration increased from 2 to 5.

Tweaked pet sine behaviour.

Pet store now selectable from menu.

Stores now have buttons and backgrounds that correspond to the zone.

Changed ize of preview window in store.

Timer now starts ticking only after the fade-in period is over.

Added info text for pet store.

Tweaked levels: 24, 64, 68, 86,

Tweaked tiling: 64

Tweaked decor: 86


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 13.098 - Updated: 12:01 22/3 - 18

We have made up for all of the work lost due to file corruption! This update features a new level (85) and finalized menus for the achievement pages!


All the zone icons have been reworked to make them look more coherent and cleaner!

Created 'Achievement unlocked' popup!

Created 'Store Index' and 'Achievement' headers.

Created 'Zone select' button.

Created 'Level Select' button for all stores.

Created 'Options' button.

Created 'Credits' button.

Created 'Store Index' buttons for all zones.

Created 'Achievements' buttons for all zones.

The backgrounds in all Achievement menus now correspond to the backgrounds in their level select.

The backgrounds in all Store Indexes now correspond to the backgrounds in their level select.

Gave all Achievement frames around their icons to correspond to their zone.

Made proper arrow sprites for navigation in Store Index and Achievements.

Made proper 'locked' sprites for achievements!

Made proper 'locked' sprites for the Zones.

Zone select buttons has been given a black frame to make them feel more like buttons.

Tweaked camougflage icon.

Tweaked Moonlight Stroll zone sprite; added decor to make it feel more coherent with the other zones.

Tweaked speedrunning Grass Basics achievement icon.

Tweaked Frozen Wasteland Coin Hunter achievement icon.

Tweaked Neglected Underworld Speedrunner icon.

Portal achievement icon tweaked.


The most recent zone/achievement menu/level select/store index now affect which zone will be highlighted in the zone menu.

Level 85 plays after 84.

Level 85 selectable from menus.

Added a failsafe on Achievement popups; where if you exit the layout 0.5 into the achievement popup it will show again on layout start to ensure that you always see that an achievement has been gained.

Added a grid system for the achievements!

Optimized achievement menus.

Deleted unecessary code.


Fixed bug where achievements wouldn't register if the achievement popup hadn't faded out yet.

Fixed bug where Epilepsy Achievement would activate without the conditions being met.

Debugged animations.

Fixed bug where achievement popup would spawn continously in the achievements menu.

Fixed bug where the speedrunning achievement wouldn't spawn a popup.

Fixed bug where the incorrect frame would display on buttons for Level select.

Fixed bug where you couldn't enter the achievement menu from Zone select under certain conditions.

Debugged achievement info text.


Tweaked spacing in the achievement menus.

Tweaked spacing in the stores.

Numbers on the achievement menu has been removed and will not be replaced with anything else. I am of the belief that they're not needed as there are only 8 achievements per zone; but will consider adding them back if there's a demand.

Fixed spacing on Midnight Stroll Zone letters.

Extended Achievement Popup fadeintime from 0 to 1 second.

Extended Achievement Popup wait time from 0 to 1.5 seconds.

Shortened Achievement Popup fadeout time from 2 to 1 seconds.

Achievement Popup sine period extended from 4 to 5 seconds. Increased Achievement Popup sine magnitude from 10 to 15 units.

Levels tweaked: 4, 23

Starting position tweaked: 6, 23

Tweaked decor: 16, 23

Tweaked door placement: 54


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 13.097 - Updated: 18:00 8/3 - 18

Graphical update!


Baby Steps achievement added.

Added achievement text for Epilepsy.

Added achievement text for Mountain Climber.

Added achievement text for Upset Hivemind.

Added achievement text for Bumper Bully.

Added achievement text for Luftbaloon.


Proper tutorial sprites for keyboard layouts have been added and animated! It now looks super sleek alongside the Gamepad control scheme!

Extended the Walljump animation for Gamepad in order to align with the Keyboard animation.

All Coin Hunter achievement icons replaced with new ones.

Time Predicament achievement icon replaced with a new one.


Deleted an incorrectly placed frame in Gamepad's "default control scheme" animation.

Lowered tutorial Opacity Sine from 30 to 20.

Levels tweaked: 11, 58, 59 84

Tiling tweaked: 46, 58

Decor tweaked: 11, 27, 58

Starting pos. tweaked: 11, 12,

Tweaked coin pos: 46, 58, 59


[Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 13.096 - Updated: 15:40 4/3 - 18

A lot has been going on IRL so apologies for the lackluster update; no testing needed for this one.

Added 4 more achievements. This puts us at 28/64 achievements completed!

Graphics tweaked:

Portal achievement tweaked.

Bumper boost achievement tweaked.


Fixed bug which would allow you to doublejump if you didn't jump before shooting your gun or colliding with bumpers.

Fixed inconsistency in ledgejump.

Fixed ledgejump bug.

Fixed jump sustain bug.

Fixed bug where you could walljump off of the roof.

You no longer get an extra jump on layout start.


Edited store text from "Male human face & body" to "Human boy face & body" in order to make it consistent with "Human girl face & body".


Deleted duplicated achievement code.

Disabled conflicting code.

Minor code optimization.

Levels tweaked: 30, 72, 81

Tiling tweaked: 72

Decor tweaked: 30, 81

Starting pos. tweaked: 30

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