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Swift Kaleido!


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Swift Kaleido! is a fast and intuitive platformer that won't hold your hand; with level design so precisely crafted that you'll end up learning as you play. **This is a Testbuild for Swift Kaleido, not the final product!** [Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 11.083 - Updated: 16:30 15/11 - 17 Coins collected and fastest time is now implemented for [Faulty Plumbing] aswell as [Neglected Underworld]. Menu system: Decreased menu toggle from 0.2 per second to 0.4. Levels added: Designed two more levels for the last zone, these arent tiled and will be subject to... Load more
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
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Popsan Angel (365 Gems)

brilliant style!

pooler22 (135 Gems)

Increasing speed and sticky walls are great!

RealTidus (1784 Gems)

Did you never think to make a platform using this design/switch ?

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Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!