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Swift Kaleido!


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Swift Kaleido!, formerly known as Call Me Old Kaleido is a fast and intuitive platformer that won't hold your hand; with level design so precisely crafted that you'll end up learning as you play. **This is a Testbuild for Swift Kaleido, not the final product!** [Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 9.072 - Updated: 16:10 16/9 - 17 Implemented the trail store! This one has a specific preview window which is specific for the trail store. This means that it's still in need of debugging. Testers can try out: Default trail. Bubble trail. Star trail. Plus trail. I'mplemented the fifth pet! Motley will allow you to... Load more
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Comments (13)
pooler22 (135 Gems)
Increasing speed and sticky walls are great!
RealTidus (1784 Gems)
Did you never think to make a platform using this design/switch ?
It's a very well done game with tight controls and interest mechanincs. Good work :D
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Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!