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Swift Kaleido!

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Swift Kaleido! is a fast and intuitive platformer that won't hold your hand; with level design so precisely crafted that you'll end up learning as you play. **This is a Testbuild for Swift Kaleido, not the final product!** [Testbuild] Swift Kaleido! - Version 13.097 - Updated: 18:00 8/3 - 18 Graphical update! Achievements: Baby Steps achievement added. Added achievement text for Epilepsy. Added achievement text for Mountain Climber. Added achievement text for Upset Hivemind. Added achievement text for Bumper Bully. Added achievement text for... Load more
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
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Luis (6229 Gems)

I played an older version with a very different arts. You're improving it very well. Are you sure about the trees? the bushes are perfect because i see their profiles, but i see the top of the trees. it's strange

BBads (1091 Gems)

fast and clear. like supermeatboy

Naldo (927 Gems)

This was great! The pixel art was awesome and it felt really smooth using the keyboard! 5/5 my friend!

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Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
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