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Blackthorn Profile (2244 Gems) 2019-11-10

Maybe make combat 1d6 based and every sword is 1 extra die? But losing combat always makes you lose only 1 life per fail.

Blackthorn Profile (2244 Gems) 2019-11-10

Boss wizard that flees between levels and defeating him wins the game.

Blackthorn Profile (2244 Gems) 2019-11-10

Let levels gradually get bigger. Let a wise man tell you advice on how to best the game. Introduce some kind of combat where food is involved or randomized attacks... Like fury of Dracula style? Test around.

Blackthorn Profile (2244 Gems) 2019-10-18

Ideas: Dungeon level with poison spiders there instead. Zombies, skeletons and Wizards, more powerful than regular enemies. No need for keys to exit, just a rope? Chasm: lose items, more valuable treasure, a rare gem worth 30 gp? Time limit? With torches that go out one by one.

Blackthorn Profile (2244 Gems) 2019-10-12

Ideas: OLD MAN - gives quests like... "Slay 2 knights for 20 gold" Maybe you have to buy the quests. MERCHANT - wants to buy half your food for 20 gold? GAMBLING - you can do a open 1 of 3 chest games to win double of random item like swords, gold, food. RED DRAGON/BEAST - takes 2 swords or does 6 damage. Companions? "Steve the Knight died to save your life"

Staff (3220 Gems) 2019-10-11

tell us if you want the Score System also for this game! :)

TheKingpin (1134 Gems) 2019-10-11

I love u, @Blackthorn

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