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Zion (Level 12) 2016-10-13

so good !

Staff (Level 12) 2016-10-12

Fixed video.

Alkatraz (Level 8) 2016-10-10

good game ! A plot is intensive !

geod_3 (Level 9) 2016-10-08

very good start (and intro) !

Branir Rocos (Level 8) 2016-10-05

The intro is very nice ! a good use of the pictures ! I'm playing it ;)

Greg3232 (Level 6) 2016-10-04

this can be the next To the moon... !

Step (Level 9) 2016-10-03

This can be a very cool game. There is a big potential ! About the text box when the charas speak, download the game Nocturne (it's also on this website)... and see how the developer added the "ballons". It's the best way to do it.

NovoG (Level 9) 2016-10-02

My suggestion: change the font used in the first images of the intro. So I'm playing it :D

Mente77 (Level 8) 2016-10-02

wow. the intro is very ... emotional !The music with the piano is... perfect! Also the game looks interesting. I suggest you to improve the ui. replace the style of the font and of the text box. For the ballon you should use a different text box. So, very interesting ! I follow ! This can be a very big game !

The Crazy (Level 8) 2016-10-01

mhm... nice! But if it's made with mv, upload the zip to play it online... !

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