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Hello, one and all! Today is the big day: Bookend's PC build is done and is officially on Steam You can now download it from steam at the low cost of... FREE! Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who has supported us, followed us, and gotten us to this point. It's been an incredible journey making this game and we're so happy to have it be available for everyone to experience.


Hello, all, it's been a while! Since our last post, we've been up to quite a few things such as a PC version and final improvements to the VR version. If you follow our twitter/facebook @bookendvr, you'll know that we released the final VR version about 2 weeks ago. But with the PC build's upcoming release, we thought we should formally announce both here as well.

Due to the ending of development, we'll be posting on here less. So if you want to check out any further news about Bookend/Paper Crown Interactive, such as featured articles, please follow our social media pages.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our game over these past months, it's meant so much to us, and we hope you enjoy Bookend's final versions.


From all of us at Paper Crown, we want to thank everyone who has followed and supported the game. It's been an incredible year, and we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! Check out our twitter post for special artwork!


Hello, everyone, we hope you all survived the past holiday weekend! We have a special announcement: a PC build of Bookend is in the works! We'll have further updates soon, and we hope everyone will enjoy it when it releases!


We've been chosen for a fan favorite vote on the Game Development World Championship website! Voting will end this Monday, so we'd really appreciate any votes we can get! This also means that if we win the fan favorite vote, we could be eligible for winning the final audience vote for the entire competition! So we appreciate any votes, and any shares/retweets of this post! And thank you all! #gamdev #indiegamedev #indiegame #madewithunity



We're excited to announce that we wrote an article about how and why we decided to create a VR pop-up book, and it's been featured indiexpo's blog!


Ever wanted to know a bit more about the design choices that went into Bookend? If you are, check out out presentation from the Sammy Showcase!


We've had a few rocky weeks of production, we'll admit. We know the game hasn't worked for everyone (especially us, for some reason), but we hope this major update will be the most stable update to the game since we switched to Unity 2018.

As always, let us know what bugs and troubles you encounter, and thanks for being patient with us!


Thank you everyone on @itchio , @gamejolt , and indiexpo who have looked and played our game! We super excited to have reached this milestone and we're looking forward to continue improving Bookend! #gamedev #indiegamedev (Check out our Twitter for some cool artwork!


‚ÄčAs our team begins to come together after moving around and various jobs, hopefully we'll have more major updates to the build. For now, we've uploaded a new build that fixes the bugs that popped up after we switched to Unity 2018. Included in the new upload is a README that let's you know what to do if you still encounter these bugs. Our next update will hopefully be a little more celebratory, so look forward to that!


As we continue to update the game, we'd like to hear what bugs you all have encountered. So far we know: - the right hand model is missing - the hands may stop working Both of these are due to us updating to Unity 2018, so please let us know what you may find to be a bug in the comments below! It's super helpful since you all may be able to catch stuff we haven't yet!


We've updated our website! We now have a Press Kit page, an updated Team page (with actual buttons so no more names popping in and out), screenshots, and more sites which you can play the game on. #gamedev #indiegamedev

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