Blood Opera Crescendo

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Published on: 2018/05/26


Rpg Maker MV

Blood Opera Crescendo is an adventure game in a 18th century setting and built using RPG Maker MV tool. Following the steps of the former orchestra director and skilled composer Heinrich Steiner, the player will uncover the secret behind a bloody trail of terrifying murders. Available in English and Italian
Language: Italiano   English  
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Italian demo updated: now featuring a brand new chapter and a lot of graphic improvements!
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Blood Opera Crescendo
Blood Opera Crescendo
Blood Opera Crescendo
Blood Opera Crescendo
Blood Opera Crescendo
Blood Opera Crescendo
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Formatting Help 380
DarkStorm2035 (Level 4) 2019-07-17
Not bad! Very nice trailer you have made! I'm very interested in seeing it getting more popular!
GreenGolia (Level 8) 2019-07-02
no playable online? it's made using mv
Thund (Level 10) 2018-10-05
Questo gioco si può considerare un capolavoro del making italiano! Non vedo l'ora che veda la luce, nel frattempo ho dedicato una breve anteprima a questo titolo! :)

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