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Big Platform


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My LD37 entry! This is a classic platformer game. Use keyboard arrow keys to play! You have to choose one room, otherwise you will be on the big platform.
Big Platform
Big Platform
Big Platform
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Sekayo (1373 Gems)

it looks like a template platform...

EncoForge Profile (406 Gems)

Strange Platform :)

Theihe Profile (2260 Gems)

Some overall pointers: Walljump doesn't seem to be very intuitive. Fall speed is WAY too fast. The player doesn't see enough of the screen at one time which means planning your acent/decent turns out to be really difficult. Since you can jump through the pins I assumed that you could jump through the "lift"- being blocked costed me my only chance of clearing the first map, from there on it was a waiting game. Jump sound effect is a bit too loud with no way to turn it off. (Continued Below)

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