Bee Aware! 2.0 (demo)

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Published on: 2018/03/10



Bee Aware!, an active clicker game by Danny E.K. van der Kolk! For ages 10 to 122!
Help the bees get rid of all the bad, bad industrialists on every continent with the use of bags of biological pest control. Earn these bags by playing seven minigames. Games that will surely fit the needs of every casual gamer! As a bonus, there are two hidden mini-minigames!
Language: English  
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Bee Aware! is now for sale on Steam!
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Bee Aware! 2.0 (demo)
Bee Aware! 2.0 (demo)
Bee Aware! 2.0 (demo)
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bee-aware (Level 4) 2019-11-27
Updated the game to version 2.0. Nicer interface, more animations, extra game (text adventure) and more!
TheBigShow (Level 12) 2018-04-15
Few downloads. You have to share it, it's not so bad
bee-aware (Level 4) 2018-03-15
I updated the trailer, it's now combined with gameplay impressions!
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