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Baby Goat Billy was recently reviewed by a youtuber:
YouTube Gameplay

Just updated the game with more content and lots of improvements. Hope you like it!

New build available with patch notes and lots of improvements based on your feedback! Thank you!

Check out the new trailer! Exciting new content is coming up heheheh #rpg #indiegame #cardgame

New update, improved dungeons, 8 new cards, fixed some enemy effects. More story elements. #rpg #indiegame #card game #story

Ive been working towards diversifying the player experience. Until now it was mainly battle after battle but I am introducing new things that will add variety and will change the pace of the game. Can you guess what some of them are?? #indiegame #indevelopment

This week I added new Particle FX. Reworked the deck editing system and implemented some feedback from players. Thank you everyone for helping me improve Baby Goat Billy #rpg #game #indie

New version available!! New cards were added, complete UI/UX rework and lots of improvements on the enemy encounters, rewards, balancing etc. #new #rpg #card #story #fun

I made a video about how I make stuff for my game:
YouTube Gameplay

I only need a few more players, please checkout my game, i did some rebalancing changes. #adventure #story #characters #fresh #new

Try out different strategies in this story driven adventure game! #strategy #smart #challenging

Do you like RPGs and Deck-builders. Even if you dont, this game might have something for you. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Im developing it full time and I have big plans for this Baby Goat :D :D #newgame #indie #solodev #RPG

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