Ark: The Untold Sotry

264 Players - 1 Subscribers Subscribers
Published on: 2016/09/05



Was the Ark of the Covenant a weapon of mass destruction? Where did it come from? Duh! It's aliens, of course!
This is my first Ludum Dare Jam. It was really hard but enjoyable. I learned a lot especially about project management and scope.
Language: English  
Ark: The Untold Sotry
Ark: The Untold Sotry
Ark: The Untold Sotry
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Fellowplayer (Level 22) 2018-01-05
Haha, I was just thinking about the Ark too, freaky I found a game on it.
Staff Verified (Level 14) 2016-09-05
Improve the description of the game ;)
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