A Western Drama

19 Players - 5 Subscribers Subscribers

TriBit Studio

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Published on: 2020/11/19



"A Western Drama" is the first spaghetti-western arcade audiogame. It has no graphics and uses binaural audio, so it’s totally accessible for blind and visually impaired people. You will play as Wade, a young bounty hunter who travels the frontier with Drake, his ruthless master, and discover how hostile the old american frontier can be...
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Our audiogame is published by Audiogames.store and available here: english: https://www.audiogame.store/en/shop/a-western-drama-english-version/ italian: https://www.audiogame.store/it/shop/a-western-drama-italian-version/ german: https://www.audiogame.store/en/shop/a-western-drama-german-version/
A Western Drama
A Western Drama
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wearevenom (Level 11) 2021-03-14
can It be played also by a blind kid?
Frezz (Level 8) 2021-02-04
You can use Clubhouse to promote it XD
lucyinthespace (Level 14) 2020-11-21
The idea behind an audio game is amazing and original! I will try it!
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