Seraphic Blue Seraphic Blue Tempura (Creator), eplipswich (Translator)
Pc white Windows phone white Λήψη (200 MB)
Pc white Windows phone white Λήψη (200 MB)

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Eugor (Επίπεδο 15) 2016-11-02
This game looks really awesome and an original idea.
geod_3 (Επίπεδο 10) 2016-10-18
good work ! But it's not like nocturne :P
Feih (Επίπεδο 8) 2016-10-16
is it famous in japan ?
xX-Grove-Xx (Επίπεδο 6) 2016-10-15
Looks awesome!
Carir (Επίπεδο 10) 2016-10-15
Epliswich Official Ambassador of Rpg Maker in the world !! Great work ! Thanks for your work !!!!
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