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uDodge:Practice Tool

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Free online mini game for those interested in improving their mechanics, reaction times or just casually killing time. All types of gamers are welcome! Drop a like and leave a comment to show us your appreciation and be a part of our community <3 #minigame #browser
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Thanks for the support @Freank !!
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uDodge:Practice Tool
uDodge:Practice Tool
uDodge:Practice Tool
Kommentare (25)
KnightRider (693 Edelsteine) 2019-03-02

you are near to 1,000 players. wow

Boruto (605 Edelsteine) 2019-02-09

nice but just a minigame. it's hard to decide to support a minigame like this.

ExplosiveCore (36 Edelsteine) 2019-02-07

That's difficult! And there's a little lag in the beginning! But cool game.

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uDodge:Practice Tool
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