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Wird Geladen...
Wird Geladen...
Loscar (Stufe 8) 2020-10-23
hahahha, very funny!
geod_3 (Stufe 10) 2016-10-08
good... but improve the graphics !
Step (Stufe 9) 2016-09-24
why the floor is so hight ? O.o
Pressstart (Stufe 2) 2016-09-17
Really a great story but you can improve the style
Cantex76 (Stufe 7) 2016-09-16
can you add a video gameplay about it ?
Castor (Stufe 7) 2016-09-15
it's a good start, but the style is too easy. You should also improve the backgrounds and the ui. The plot is nice.
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