The Lich Of Onogoro

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Veröffentlicht: 2018/01/13



Platform game with RPG and character building mechanics, explore, solve puzzles and defeat the most vicious enemies in this beautiful platform action adventure!
Sprache: Portugues  
Neu: 1
Welcome to Onogoro. This magical and dangerous land hides many secrets and mysteries. Explore this vast world full of powers, runes, enemies and powerful beings!
The Lich Of Onogoro
The Lich Of Onogoro
The Lich Of Onogoro
The Lich Of Onogoro
The Lich Of Onogoro
The Lich Of Onogoro
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Luis (Stufe 17) 2018-01-22
is there a pc version?
Fry2 (Stufe 12) 2018-01-14
Oh, wow. The video is amazing... But if I don't see screenshots about the gameplay, I don't download it
Fellowplayer (Stufe 23) 2018-01-14
Love the video but no screenshots showing the actual game. Also it does not look like you can play this on PC.
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