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I may update the UI at some point, and I got to bring in the Slaughterena also. But for now, my work is done.

AWESOME NEWS EVERYONE! ITS FINALLY READY! The Legend of Relic Anniversary edition! A new story, extended beginning and much more has been added!! Thank you for checking out my game and for playing it!! I do this for YOU!

Got a new laptop finally! I'm back in business!

My laptops HHD got fried...sooo....development has once again been halted... -__- grrrr....

96 playsers!!! Amazing!! Thank you all for checking out this beloved 2 year project of mine! ^_^

Aaand i found the source of the lag.

I'm trying to figure out why Dazmuri Badlands is SOOO laggy. O.o

Enjoy a New Build of the game! ^_^ I reworked several things, to make them more easier for you as well as added a legit face for your dragon companion. :D

I will be releasing a new expansion eventually! Full of new content, a few changes outside of the expansion and overall upgrade to the gaming experience! :)

Laptop is up and running again! :D

My laptop's charging port is currently any future work or plans for my games has been currently halted...Sorry everyone...Idk when im going to be able to fix it either.. :/

Please feel free to let me know how i'm doing! I'd LOVE to hear from my playerbase!

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