The Legend of Relic

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The Legend of Relic.
A tale of Sudden Dark worries.
Having a dream which is a nightmare coming true.
And where the Moon that governs
your very existence turns on you.
Yes, let me relay the Tale in which this transpired.
Enter into this Tragic fable where
The Gods themselves turned on one another.
And where Future & Past collided.
But not is all lost.
#Action #RPG
Sprache: English  
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I may update the UI at some point, and I got to bring in the Slaughterena also. But for now, my work is done.
The Legend of Relic
The Legend of Relic
The Legend of Relic
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Insydnis (Stufe 7) 2020-01-27
I'm back in business! I got a new laptop so the experience can continue!
Insydnis (Stufe 7) 2019-03-03
Feel free to let me know how i'm doing. I'm always up for feedback. Be it good or bad.
Staff Bestätigt (Stufe 14) 2019-02-27
Video fixed
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