Star Catcher 1.4.4 demo Star Catcher 1.4.4 demo
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Neu Feed Rss Star Catcher 1.4.4 demo

- Added some quest
- Added some Fog FX
- Fixed some dialogs
- Added Heads Up Display
- Improved battles
- Added Upgrade system
- More locations
- Added Passive skills
- Improved buffs and debuffs
- Diagonal Movement

If for some reason online version crashes or get's buggy, please download standalone version.



Some (major) minor updates: Bigger maps, More activities, Fixed performance, Fixed some skills issues like Telthos Rhino Stomp


A new updates were made, however these improvements are not compatible with online version so I highly recommend to download PC version.

Full change log -

Download rar archive -!7oBTjCza!a1azWBlhP14PvIyyCjmOq8RQkPsjA1iPdxvgXNv6oVI

Download zip archive -!XsZj1YYQ!ngmDDmqpd9gsUDQpXXfPNhT0C5wq-4TJ2jJA9atC9cA

Download sfx archive -!SggH1SRB!JxKTqPLEAudwOSEqH-0Ruog7buttW9aJLHsVxZ1OATw


This is one major update, actually I can say It's rewrtitten game - only mechanics and some visuals. - Press F to toggle lantern (if you have it in inventory), Press L to Toggle between Easy and Hard Mode in game.


One Major update for Download version: Download game from - See full list of updates:


Okay... So here is the list of things I've done today... Each hero have now 5th skill and here how it looks like full skill list for each hero: New skill can be learned at level 7, but they can be used max 5 times through whole game play, however you can refill charges with side activities (wich will be implemented soon).

Next what was updated it's the skills formulas themselves, instead adding whole pool of exp directly to skill damage you gain for skills special perk.

Read more at my board:


Oncoming Updates Feed - Heroes now have 5 skills - I modified a little skill power formulas. Instead of adding current exp to pool of skill damage, party will gain to skill damage Win Count x 50. In other words for every victory in battle heroes gain 50 points to skill damage, but loosing or escaping battle will substract 50 points. - Testing new enemies/actors/classes balance


Ok... So here it is like... Published demo on of Star Catcher is in currently 1.0.10 version and follows various fixes and updates... There will be no more updates for demo version online, aswell for downloadable demo. Because from 1st April 2019 I'm starting at full speed working on finishing full version of Star Catcher. Don't know when I finish it and I don't know anybody cares... @Soulrender


New fixes, but today just visual - new font and UI - A little bit more extended intro - fixed shaking objects when actors are walking



Today following updates where made, added tutorial in battle, fixed bug with new game selection, some minor fixes in undergrounds


This release has some minor updates, containing case sensitive letters in filenames. Not it's fully playable online! Check, comment and ask on whatever you wish!

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