-Space Hunter-

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Kolt is a bounty hunter and now he is in the great Trashopolis, a huge agglomeration of blue buildings surrounded by a rough desert. His problems begin during a typical working day, when an evil person blames him for the great escape from the space prison. Now Kolt is wanted and he must leave the city.
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-Space Hunter-
-Space Hunter-
-Space Hunter-
-Space Hunter-
-Space Hunter-
-Space Hunter-
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YooriTakeshi (Stufe 6) 2021-05-15
gioco molto carino se lo migliori sarà ancora più carino e lo potrò giocare nel pc nuovo senza problemi di errori perché il gioco e vecchio e nei pc nuovi da problemi che i pc sono troppo nuovi e non va bene il gioco
Myrkvidr (Stufe 13) 2019-10-07
a RAR file? honestly, i dont have a program to open a rar file and im not going to hunt one down just to play the game. why not just an exe or a zip folder?
ikol (Stufe 3) 2016-03-31
Divertente e pieno di stile. Ho apprezzato molto la grafica!
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