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mazzutakgame Profile (3906 Edelsteine) 2018-05-18

Fantastic adventure, take me back to my childhood and play with graphic adventures ;-), very professional job and awesome java use, congratulation i support your project ;-)

lucyinthespace (3068 Edelsteine) 2018-02-10

oh, congratulations guys. i love this kind of adventure game

Luis (8933 Edelsteine) 2018-01-22

Awesome game! Great sounds+music and graphics. The controls feel good and the plot is good. The game is really polished too. Well done! :)

ronnye (3800 Edelsteine) 2018-01-11

COngratulation to be in the popular games! Even if I don't like so much the adventure games XD. Watching the screenshots i'm noting one thing. the background style is always totally different from the characters style. It's not good.

thomaei (76 Edelsteine) 2018-01-09

I like it

Naldo (927 Edelsteine) 2018-01-06

hey guys. it's very good! How many time to develop it? it's a great work!!

patoland Profile (350 Edelsteine) 2017-12-10

Hello there! Added a hint system for those who asked and new french subtitles! Enjoy and thank you!

Fry2 Profile (2851 Edelsteine) 2017-11-29

is there a guide to complete it? I'm not so skilled with the adventure games and several time I was blocked

Zion (3204 Edelsteine) 2017-11-27

what's the engine used?

NovoG (1577 Edelsteine) 2017-11-27

oh, nice. Even if in several rooms the background is totally different from the characters style

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