Skumring (Re-Mastered)

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Port Horizon 1951... A city on the verge of collapse. Moral collapse. Crime. Corruption. Greed... Money.Join private eye Cooper Chutney on his mission of truth in a city that reeks of lies, deceit and go-go dancers. Solve puzzles and interogate bartenders as you make your way through the city while the sunset comes ever closer.
Sprache: English  
Skumring (Re-Mastered)
Skumring (Re-Mastered)
Skumring (Re-Mastered)
Skumring (Re-Mastered)
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Nium (Stufe 9) 2016-07-09
very nice ! I love this black & white style :D
PlazaMista (Stufe 8) 2016-06-06
you are the king of point and clicks XD i love u !
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