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Boruto (605 Edelsteine) 2019-02-09

short but nice. in several parts it lags. i noted that also other users had the same problem. can I solve it?

iamhere (2476 Edelsteine) 2016-12-02

it lags D: can you solve it ?

geod_3 (1556 Edelsteine) 2016-10-09

Very nice mini game ! Nice style and animations!

Jonathan Fish (7709 Edelsteine) 2016-08-15

amazing game ! even if it's very short. I love how you use rpg maker ! incredible ! and the animations (when he knocks the head) are very nice !!

MyTrain (1121 Edelsteine) 2016-08-06

It lags :(

Babbulova (191 Edelsteine) 2016-03-08

Un gioco veramente d'impegno! Molto bella la grafica!

Marius (3644 Edelsteine) 2015-11-14

Solved !! I refresh the PC XDXDXDXDXD

Marius (3644 Edelsteine) 2015-11-14

Today I "played" it... but there's a big bug. When the game starts (just after the intro), i can't move it.... the keyboard doesn't respond... is it only my problem ?

Lollo Rocket Diver Profile (1055 Edelsteine) 2015-11-10

Oh, damn. You're right. I tried to upload a new version of the game but there's an error during the upload. >__

Gatsu87 (3165 Edelsteine) 2015-11-10

OMG !! The Intro is AMAZING !!! I WANT TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW ! But in the gameplay, the writes aren't in english ...

Lollo Rocket Diver Profile (1055 Edelsteine) 2015-11-10

The story is implicit ^_^" There is only a cutscene at the beginning and an ending. The game is focused on gameplay.

Gatsu87 (3165 Edelsteine) 2015-11-03

Is there a plot ? Or ... is it like a Platform?

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