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Quarrel Hill

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Push a few people off a cliff!
It is that time of year when people go to Quarrel Hill and exchange insults with an ogre. Many will perish, but the Great mocking tradition will be honored!
Click to push!
Hit pause to see a happy hill!
Made in 10 days for #StencylGameJam using #Stencyl
(Start screen, scoreboard and medals added after contest)
Sprache: English  
Quarrel Hill
Quarrel Hill
Kommentare 10
Formatierungshilfe 380
OverDawn-2K (Stufe 5) 2020-01-05
Not working
Alkatraz (Stufe 8) 2016-11-06
it doesn't work....
Eugor (Stufe 13) 2016-11-02
You know bro I think could make it in android n.n just saying haha good luck I loved it
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